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Beck Optronic Solutions designs and manufactures integrated optical systems to the most exacting technical standards

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150-1200mm Zoom Lens for Visible and NIR

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a high performance ruggedised zoom lens suitable for long range surveillance and border security.

In addition to the normal zoom facility key features include:

  • Two range convertors.
  • Apochromatic correction to work over the entire spectrum from 400nm to 1050nm for high perfomance in low light levels.
  • Extended image field so that the sensor can be scanned for field of view scanning.
  • Fully automated for remote control.
  • Built to comply with MIL Standards.
  • Customisable to meet specific requirements.

Zoom Lens.jpg


Focal Length

150mm to 600mm

210mm to 840mm

300mm to 1200mm

150mm to 1200mm with switchable range extenders

500mm to 2000mm


F/5.6 at 600mm

F/7.8 at 840mm

F/11.2 at 1200mm

F/18.7 at 2000mm

Image size 36mm diagonal (16mm diameter for 500mm to 2000mm version).
Spectral correction 400nm to 1050nm
Field of view

14 degrees at 150mm

1.5 degrees at 1200mm

Focus range 50m to infinity
Zoom speed 5 seconds 150mm to 600mm or 300mm to 1200mm or 210mm to 840mm or 500mm to 2000mm
Working temperature range -40°C to +70°C
Mass 6kg
Working voltage 12V DC main board, 8V DC motors
Power requirements 0.75A maximum
Dimensions 431mm long x 135mm diameter

150-1200mm Visible & NIR Zoom Lens

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