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Beck Optronics Solutions works with a worldwide base of defence, security and commercial Clients

We successfully manage Client partnerships locally within the UK and across the world, having delivered solutions to over 30 countries, involving the most demanding technical specifications


Security is an increasingly important market for Beck Optronic Solutions. With the need for heightened vigilance in combating terrorism and organised crime, government agencies around the world are looking to improve their capabilities, and BOS is well placed to assist with sophisticated, high quality optical systems in the visible and IR wavebands.

We specialise in the development and manufacture of zoom lenses and multiple focal length lens systems for security observation at very long ranges. Most recently we have developed a family of Zoom lenses, based on a common chassis, for use in the visible, NIR and SWIR wavebands.

We also design and manufacture single and multiple focal length and zoom lenses for use in the MWIR (3-5µm) and LWIR (8-14µm) wavebands.

Zoom Lenses

Beck Optronic Solutions offers several high performance ruggedized zoom lenses suitable for long range surveillance, border control and remote weapoins stations. These include a 150-1200mm lens designed to operate over the entire spectral band of a naked silicon detector, a 10-220mm lens for the visible and near infra-red wavebands, a 10-220mm lens for the visible waveband and a 20-200mm lens designed to operate in the SWIR waveband.

Athermalised Thermal Imaging Lenses

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a range of high performance, ruggedized and athermalised lenses for uncooled focal plane arrays operating in the 8-14µm waveband.

Athermalised Objective Lenses

500mm SWIR Maksutov

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a high performance compact Maksutov telescope optimised for the SWIR 0.9-1.7µm waveband.

500mm SWIR Maksutov


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Beck Optronic Solutions Limited

Beck Optronic Solutions has a history of designing and manufacturing precision optical solutions going back to 1839. Based near London, UK, BOS has comprehensive engineering capabilities across UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands, and serves defence and commercial Clients worldwide.

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