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Beck Optronics Solutions works with a worldwide base of defence, security and commercial Clients

We successfully manage Client partnerships locally within the UK and across the world, having delivered solutions to over 30 countries, involving the most demanding technical specifications


Defence & Aerospace is an important market for Beck Optronic Solutions, and a considerable proportion of output is directed here. BOS designs and manufactures precision optical systems to full MIL-SPECs where required.

We have extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of optical systems in a wide range of defence and aerospace applications to full MIL-SPECs. Defence projects include lenses and modules for image intensified systems, night vision goggles for military pilots, fighting vehicle systems, thermal imagers, missile seekers, target designators, special test and calibration equipment.

We have worked on many major defence projects:

We also develop high fidelity simulation systems - with particular expertise in the fields of training for fighting vehicles and in the use of submarine periscopes.

Night Vision Optics

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing optics for image intensified night vision systems. For many years we have supplied all the optical assemblies for a UK based manufacturer of a range of aviators' night vision goggles. We are currently working on a number of opportunities with international partners for night vision systems for ground forces.


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Beck Optronic Solutions Limited

Beck Optronic Solutions has a history of designing and manufacturing precision optical solutions going back to 1839. Based near London, UK, BOS has comprehensive engineering capabilities across UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands, and serves defence and commercial Clients worldwide.

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