Precision optronic solutions
Design and manufacture

Beck Optronic Solution's highly skilled team thrives on solving the most complex and exacting optical challenges for Clients

We have a portfolio of successful projects that demonstrate we can successfully deliver the most demanding solutions for our defence and commercial Clients from around the world

History & Approach

Beck Optronic Solutions is first and foremost an engineering company, with a highly skilled and experienced workforce. BOS delivers greatest value when taking full ownership for delivery of a demanding optical solution project, from design through to production manufacture. Quality is of paramount importance - as it has been throughout a 170 year history - all finished sytems are subject to a full final test process.

Beck Optronic Solutions has an accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System to underpin our commitment to quality, and customer service. We are now incorporating an Environmental Management System to meet the recognised international standard for such systems, ISO14001.

This commitment is not about getting a badge - quality, ownership and responsibility are central to our philosophy and our objective of meeting or exceeding Client expectations.

We thrive on technical challenge. Delivery is founded upon the dedication, skill and experience of our employees, together with investment in advanced tools, equipment and facilities.

We are rightfully proud of our history, which we can trace back to 1839 and an optical business founded by James Smith and financed by JJ Lister, the physicist who played a key role in the development of microscopy.

A brief history of the BOS and its predecessor companies is shown below.

Date Company   Notes
1839 James Smith Financed by JJ Lister
1847 Smith & Beck Richard Beck joins
1857 Smith Beck & Beck Joseph Beck joins
1865 R & J Beck J Smith retires
      Microscopes - later gun sights, medical equipment
1895 R & J Beck Ltd Incorporated as a limited company
1964 Griffin & George  
1968 Ealing Corporation Inc Microscopes, medical equipment, biology equipment, Ealing catalogue, lens testing equipment
1973   Davin Optical Optical components
1985 Ealing Electro Optics plc Business floated on USM
1988 Ealing Electro Optics plc Business acquired by 600 Group plc
1990   Davin Optronics Ltd Optical components, optical design, optical assemblies, night vision optics
1996   Davin Optronics Group Ltd Acquired Imatronic
1997   Davin Optronics Group Ltd Acquired Oxford Sensor Technology
1997 Coherent Ealing Europe Ltd Business acquired by Coherent Inc.
      Coherent catalogue, optical assembly
1998   Davin Optronics Group Ltd Acquired Griffin Coatings Ltd
1999   Davin Optronics Group Ltd New subsidiary created - Davin Components in Cornwall
2001   Davin Optronics Group Ltd Acquired Coherent Ealing Europe Ltd - optical components, optical assemblies, optical coatings, Coherent catalogue
2003 Davin Optronics Ltd Business acquired by Computer Recognition Systems Ltd (CRS) - electronics and software design, traffic management systems
Dec-10 Davin Optronics Ltd Davin Optronics Ltd acquired by Optronic Investments
Oct-14 Beck Optronic Solutions Ltd Beck Optronic Solutions acquires IPR, stock and some assets of Davin Optronics. All key staff are transferred to BOS.

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Beck Optronic Solutions Limited

Beck Optronic Solutions has a history of designing and manufacturing precision optical solutions going back to 1839. Based near London, UK, BOS has comprehensive engineering capabilities across UV, visible, near infrared, thermal imaging and CO2 laser wavebands, and serves defence and commercial Clients worldwide.

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